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Campania tours:

Naples city tour

Naples City Tour Duration 4/8 hours

Naples is filled with evidence of many centuries of occupation blended into the fabric of the present-day city. This complex heritage, from ancient greeks and romans to the dukes, kings and queens of the middle ages and beyond, has contributed to a rich store of galleries and museum, ancient amphitheatres and ruins, as well as churches,  royal palaces and monasteries. Your private driver will let you discover the monuments of the city, with its Greek and Roman buildings, palaces and churches of Baroque and Rococo age, squares and narrow streets of the historic center, where you can admire the history and origins of Naples and all area, like Via Toledo and Castel Nuovo, Spaccanapoli, Capodimote, the Rettifilo, Vomero…and don’t forget to lose your breath in the wonderful views from Posillipo and Mergellina, looking at Vesuvius and Capri.

Pompei, Sorrento e Positano

Pompeii, Sorrento and Positano duration 8/9 hours

In this complete tour you will admire the ruins of the city’s most famous archeologic excavations in the world,  where the 79th Vesuvius eruption  engulfing the city and its inhabitants with a terrible storm of cinders and ash. When the remains of pompeii weer discovered around 1750 it looked as though a spell had been cast to freeze all life, the bodies of people were unearthed along with thier houses, temples, works of art and everyday objects. The coast between Vico Equense and Sorrento is especially built up, though spectacular views across the bay of Naples abound.  Your driver will visit Sorrento, strolling through its alleys you will discover ancient Roman villas, Greek buildings , many lovely small churches and magnificent views of the glorious bay of Naples. From piazza Tasso to Marina Grande, you will discover a pearl of rare beauty and history. Moving to Positano you will go along the Amalfi Coast, admiring the picturesque landscapes and the seaport village to be loved.the towns climbs the hill in steps, with the oldest houses in the upper part of Positano, either faded red or pink amazing terrace, decorated with baroque stuccoes, going down to the sea.

Herculaneum and Vesuvius

Herculaneum and Vesuvius duration 8 hours

You will visit the ancient city of Herculaneum, an archaeological site discovered along with Pompeii, also buried by the 79 d.c. when the eruption of Vesuvius covered herculaneum with a dee player of lavaand mud. You will admire the ruins of the private roman houses built around a rectangular plan, the stately villas and temples dedicated to the gods. Cannot be missed  the visit to  Vesuvius, the majestic volcano that has overhelm the cities at its footsteps. The observatory on the slopes of Vesuvius  has a well-stocked library and an interesting collection of minerals, there is a splendid panoramic view from the square, today the observatory is only used as a base for recording data; the research section has been transferred to naples.

Positano, Amalfi and Ravello

Positano, Amalfi and Ravello duration 8/9 hours

This is a breathtaking tour to discover the treasures of the Amalfi Coast. You will admire the little houses and alleys of the colorful Positano, penetrates the atmospheric  heart of town, with it’s narrow stepped alleys, houses with vaulted roofs, terrace and tiny gardens that defy the rock. After Praiano, tucked in between sky mountains and sea, amalfi is a perennial favourite with  visitors for its scenic beauty unexpected treasures and original architecture like the grandeur of the Duomo of Sant’Andrea. then you will lose in the uniqueness of art and nature of the wonderful Ravello that is a place for those who love peace and quiet and stupendous coastal views or architectural highlights like Villa Rufolo and Villa cimbrione.

Sorrento, Positano and Amalfi

Sorrento. Positano, Amalfi duration 8/9 hours

Sorrento is one of the favorite destinations in Italy, you will pass by the streets along with the scents of nearby lemon and citrus groves,  vineyards and olive trees, to discover its Greek and Roman origins, from Villa Comunale to Piazza Tasso, passing by Sedil Dominova and the Duomo.  The road to Positano and Amlafi is one of the Italians wonderful landscapes, On the way to Positano and Amalfi you will have the opportunity to admire the famous coastline immersed in sea, history and nature. Lush gardens and bougainvillea fill the terrace of charmig pastel-coloured houses of Positano. Amalfi is a perennial favourite with visitors for its scenic beauty, sea and original architecture like the famous Duomo of Sant’Andrea. Clima, landscapes, history and culture, combine together and your tour will be unforgettable.


Paestum duration 8 hours

You will discover the ancient Poseidon founded by the Greeks colonist on the lower banks of the Gulf of Salerno, dedicated to the god of the sea it become the Roman colony of Paestum in 273 b.c. During the roman empire Paestum had a long and gradual decline, until a total abandonment in the eighth century due to floods that built up the area with a lot of sediments. The city has been only partially brought to light, imposing walls surrounds it and the main buildings are located along the Roman Cardus such as Temple of Neptune, Basilica and Temple of Ceres across the agora. The ancient site remained undiscovered until the 1950’s and the entire archaeological area of the city was included in the UNESCO list. Paestum is famous for its temples, churches and archaeological ruines, where you will also admire the famous charming diver’s tomb. On the way back you will visit a famous mozzarella factory and admire the over standing landscape

Caserta and her royal palace

Caserta and her royal palace duration 8 hours

We will discover the Borbonic Royal Palace, Unesco world heritage, treasure of unique architecture in the world. The imposing Caserta Royal Palace was commissioned by Charles III of Bourbon in 1700s to Vanvitelli, his desire was to build a palace that could stand comparison with the one of Versailles, representing power and grandeur, but also be efficient and rational. We will visit the impressive royal staircase, the Palatine Chapel and the royal apartments, visiting the royal rooms with wonderful frescoes and paintings , courtyard palace and park with its wonderful fountains, gardens, statues and falls. You will also visit the old town, a medieval eighteenth-century hamlet rich in cultural and culinary traditions, the Royal Silk Factory of San Leucio and the Silk Museum.

Gastronomic tour

Gastronomic tour 4/8 hours

The most sensational trips are those that involve taste, too. You will enjoy a great variety of typical products accompanied by scented wines, ending with fantastic typical desserts. The choice of places to eat is amazing and various: restaurants, pizzerias and trattorias and we will bring you in the best one where local gastronomy is delicious. you will discover authentic flavors and taste delicacies of all kinds, from the most famous, such as pasta, pizza and buffalo mozzarella, to the more particular ones, such as Sorrento lemon, San Marzano tomatoes and the Annurca apple. You will lose in the cellars among labels of fine wines, such as Greco di Tufo, Taurasi, Il Fiano, Aglianico, Falanghina and many others to discover. And if you are really greedy, you will be won over by the wide selection of desserts, from babà to pastiera, from zeppole to sfogliatelle, from delizia al limone to caprese. Farms, fields, wine shops: each stage a product, a discovery, an unforgettable moment of taste that you will carry with you forever.


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